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decolonize! is CRIF’s first grantmaking portfolio. It is an opportunity to radically re-imagine resourcing a children’s rights movement—one that courageously contends with the legacies and current realities of colonialism and racism by resourcing the work of Black youth workers, children and youth activists in West Africa and the Americas.

decolonize! will provide funding opportunities for children and youth activists to connect across communities, countries, and continents to learn more about how racism, anti-Blackness, and colonialism operate—and to share strategies and approaches on how to tear them down.

To learn more about decolonize! please check out our newest resource: CRIF’s decolonize! Learning Brief vol. 1, no. 1. 


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What are our learning questions?

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What are our learning questions?

Root Cause

Racism and Colonialism :

How are Black children and youth organizing against racial injustice in their communities, nationally and globally?


Black youth workers AND children and youth activists :

How does a grantmaking strategy co-designed and led by Black children, youth activists and youth workers better resource work at the intersections of children's rights and racial justice?


West Africa and the Americas :

Where does work at the intersections of children's rights and racial justice converge and diverge globally? What possibilities exist for transnational movement–building among Black children and youth activists?


Participatory Grantmaking :

How can philanthropy better resource Black youth organizing at the intersections of children's rights and racial justice?