Our values

In community with our partners, the Children’s Rights Innovation Fund is always connecting, learning, questioning, and discovering. Our future is being defined together—rooted in new relationships, provocative inquiry, and collective exploration. Through it all, a core set of deeply-held values guide and ground everything we do:

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Intersectional feminism

We understand that oppression is structural, intersectional, and multi-faceted and therefore we support work that addresses multiple layers of oppression as they are lived by those most impacted.


Centering those with lived experience

In Black Feminist tradition, we center and amplify the leadership and vision of children and youth, youth activists and youth workers, advocates and allies targeted by systemic oppression, whether or not they identify as part of the children’s rights movement.

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Leading with curiosity

We enter this process with a spirit of curiosity—curious about the children’s rights space, the work of ensuring children’s rights, the people engaged in this work, and about how together we can advance the rights of children and youth.


Moving at the speed of trust

We commit to balancing the urgent need to act in support of movements with the equally important need to invest in relationships. We understand that both are in service of the work we hope to do with our partners.

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Honoring intergenerational wisdom

We honor and seek to advance gains made by those youth leaders, children’s rights advocates, youth workers and elders across generations who have built both formal and informal systems to advance the rights of children in the face of structural violence.


Working with radical transparency

By acting from radical transparency, we will share what we are learning and how we plan to act within the children’s rights community. We reject white supremacist tendencies towards secrecy and perfectionism in our strategies.

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Shifting power to youth activists

We are mindful of the way that age hierarchies actively collude with patriarchy, institutional power, colonialism and white supremacy to disempower children and youth. We will pursue equity and justice by listening to those who have the least power in philanthropy.


Honoring children’s and youth resistance

Every act of resistance, however big or small, destabilizes and transforms entrenched power. We honor all acts of resistance against white supremacist, patriarchal and colonial power. Our focus is on our collective liberation.

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