Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle joins the team as the Grantmaking Innovation Officer with multiple years of experience in the grantmaking space. She first started in local grassroots activism and later in grantmaking panelist roles for the “With and For Girls Collective”, and the “Global Resilience Fund”. She has represented her peers, organisation, Barbados’ youth and feminist movements globally, advocating for gender justice, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental sustainability, and youth development.  At CRIF, she is working to ensure that the grantmaking policies and actions truly place power and resources in the hands of youth activists in ways that uphold the organisation’s values and inspire change within the philanthropic community. 

Gabrielle is currently pursuing an MSc in Development Studies, with a concentration in Social Development Policy. She is passionate about mental health, and believes in a more equitable ‘tomorrow’ for us all, and is proud to hold hands with others to work toward that goal, through focused, determined and joyous resistance.