Juhi Jha

Juhi is CRIF’s  Program Officer – Learning, Data and Storytelling. She brings to the team her vast experience as a theatre maker, writer, researcher and director.

Juhi uses narrative based research methods to make small, quiet and sparkling in the dark theatre to promote reflexivity. She has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Employment Relations and HumanResource Management. She currently leads the development and management of CRIF’s learning community using an innovative data and storytelling approach.

She founded the Project Motley in 2012, which she ran in Delhi for 7 years. As a part of this project, in 2016, she conceptualised and facilitated Trauma Lens – to help organisations think about and adopt trauma informed approach.

Recently, she conducted a narrative based research with artisanal fishers in Seychelles to develop recommendations for policy and management around sociocultural wellbeing. She is fond of creating imaginary worlds and characters with children in her neighbourhood in Seychelles most afternoon.